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Starter Book

In recent years, Henrik Hyldgaard has developed, tested and applied an effective method of becoming a so-called future starter - the leader who favors the courageous, innovative and offensive development of the company while continuing to deliver good results at the bottom line.

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Reframe potential

The first step in the company's transformation is to spot the business opportunities of the future. Here's a simple process of reframing your company's potential. The model is to reinterpret the factors that are vital to ensuring a future success of a company – the foundation, the ability, the dream and the possibilities.

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Unleash Potential

Stop talking about the company's potential at a metaphorical level. Instead, start unleashing it. Here's the model that gives a clear overview of what it basically takes to unleash the true potential of a company. For that, you can actually concretize and simplify.

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Henrik Hyldgaard

Henrik Hyldgaard

Henrik Hyldgaard is the strategic developer for a number of major Danish companies.

He is the driving force of the long-term success of designing and implementing the company's transformation.

In addition, he is co-author of the book Hunger In Paradise – How to save success from failure.


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